Services for Entrepreneurs

We go beyond the typical accounting number-crunching to add value to your business. Having serviced a wide range of small and large entrepreneurs for over 30 years, we bring real world experiences and solutions to start-up and growing companies.

We can provide the following consulting services:

Financing Assistance

Assist the entrepreneur in preparing forecasts, projections and estimated sources and uses of funds used for loan applications.

Financial Management Overview

A diagnostic "check-up" of operations, with a business "walk-through" to evaluate internal strengths and weaknesses, financial safeguards and controls, financial reporting, policies and procedures, etc.
All designed to measure actual operations against management expectations.

Risk Analysis

Assistance in evaluating business risks and appropriate insurance coverage.

Inventory Management

Determine optimum inventory levels, pricing policies and safeguards and controls.

Business Structure Consulting or Entity Selection

Initial selection of the appropriate business entity, or reviewing possible modifications to existing structure to maximize the return to owners.

Start-up of New Business

Steps to help set up a new operation including accounting systems, development of policies and procedures, etc.

Acquisition or Disposition Consulting

Evaluate possible expansion or contraction opportunities, possibly in combination with our negotiation assistance services.

Financial Analysis

Establishing benchmarks for financial performance and the framework for ongoing operational reviews.

Business Plan or Strategic Plan Development

Map out a comprehensive business plan plus ongoing support of both tactical and strategic implementation.